Rochester Landmarks


Rochester Landmarks is a 95 page book with 86 photographs taken over 20 years by local photographer Richard Margolis. It focuses on local Olmsted parks, landmark buildings and public art, including addresses and background information. The Eyesores to Opportunity project is included in the book and emphasizes impressive cases of adaptive reuse by pairing before and after pairs of historic buildings. It can be purchased on the website and at the offices of the The Landmark Society of Western New York for $25.

$35 cost includes sales tax and shipping cost for $25 book.

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From the introduction by the photographer, Richard Margolis:

The Rochester Landmarks book combines several of my projects including landmarks, public art and big trees that all contribute to the Rochester culture and make this a better, I am tempted to say terrific, place to live. As we go about our lives we may not be conscious of them, but they do affect us. They give us a “sense of place” that reminds us that we are part of a history that goes back a couple hundred years and like the buildings and trees that have weathered storms and time, we have a long future. That sense, although it is impossible to measure, exists, and that is why preservation is important. These landmarks link us to our past and they inspire us to do good work that will last well into the future.

From the cover by Michael Hager, owner of Museum Photographics & resident of Rochester:

Fortunately, we have slowly and painfully gotten the message that the old can be reused and rehabilitated. Migration to the suburbs has slowed and our Downtown is being revived… The momentum has clearly changed and this is a hopeful time for our architectural heritage. I am pleased to be involved with this book. There are photographs of landmarks many of us are familiar with as well as some that are featured for the first time. The “Eyesores to Opportunity” section demonstrates how much we owe to the optimists among us. Now after nearly 45 years in Rochester, I have never felt better about the chances of our passing on our rich heritage to future generations. This book is but the latest example of Margolis’ interest in preservation and will hopefully encourage others to share that passion.

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